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Black Hawk, Colorado - Complete Casino List

Black Hawk, Colorado currently has 18 casinos to pick from.. Old Historic Downtown has some medium sized casinos and smaller casinos housed in historic building, but all the flashing lights are on the South end of town.

Casinos listed below are listed in order of size (number of gaming devices). To orient yourself with town we suggest using the casino map and playing with the satelite button and zoom features.

Ameristar Casino and Luxury Hotel - The Ameristar Casino is an amazingly huge casino for being in the middle of the mountains. Incredible hotel (visible from Central City), largest gaming floor in Black Hawk. All the rage. Nearly 1,500 slot machines plus 20 table poker room and amazing game pit with blackjack, roulette and craps all available. Feeling stressed out? Visit the on-site spa. Online hotel booking available for this property.
Isle of Capri Hotel & Casino - Find a taste of the tropics way out here in the Rockies. Casino gambling Isle Style! You'll find live entertainment, many bars, fine dining and a great buffet - all in addition to the second largest casino in Black Hawk with nearly 1,100 slots. The Isle of Capri also has 14 live blackjack tables with craps and roulette. Five poker tables. The Isle casino in Black Hawk is directly connected to the Lady Luck Casino via pedestrian bridge. Both casinos are operated by the Isle.
Lodge Casino & Hotel at Black Hawk - The Lodge is another of the larger casinos in town. It was the first casino with lodging in Blackhawk CO - it opened with a luxury hotel attached and has an exciting game packed gaming floor with lots of slots and table games. Number three in town for the most casino games. (This casino list is ordered by number of casino games in each casino)
The Riviera Casino at Black Hawk - Of all the Denver area casinos, The Riv is the one you will come to first if you take US6. It is another of the larger casinos in Black Hawk and is situated next to the Isle of Capri which is convienent since it has no hotel. There is free parking (valet or self park). For dining find a full buffet 'world-style' eating area. The casino floor is full of slots but also has craps, roulette, blackjack and poker. It's also a great place if you're not staying the night in Black Hawk.
Fitzgeralds Casino - Well rounded casino in downtown Black Hawk never seems to slow down, now wrapping around the corner of another block! This casino has nice spread of table games, lots of slots and video poker, fine dining and caual dining, and best of all live music. Fitzgeralds Casino is located close to the Gilpin, Canyon, Wild Card, Bull Durham Black Hawk Station and Bullwhackers.
Mardi Gras Casino - this is one of the larger casinos in Black Hawk that opened later after the first boom. It's peaked copper roof stands out. It's in the center of all the "new" casinos in town. It's connected by a pedestrian walkway to Golden Gates Casino (sister casino) and the parking garage. Not far from that is Golden Gulch - the final casino of the Golden Gaming Group. The Mardi Gras is also a direct neighbor to the Lodge Casino at Black Hawk.
Lady Luck Casino and Hotel - This casino used to be Colorado Central Station, but was eventually purchased by the Isle of Capri and renamed. They also added Lady Luck Tower with lodging accomodations in addition to the Isle of Capri's hotel. Gaming was also upgraded signficantly and all the properties were connected via pedestrian bridge. You can walk (inside, mind you) from one casino to the next and the hotel in-between without ever stepping outside.
Gilpin Hotel Casino - don't let the name fool you. Gilpin Hotel is a historic hotel that has been converted to a casino. You can find lodging at the Lodge Hotel & Casino (the sister casinos to the Gilpin) if you need it. The Gilpin is all slots and video poker. The Lodge Casino holds all their table games. This is the locals "original" big casino. You'll find free valet parking on site.
Canyon Casino - The Canyon is located right next door to the Gilpin actually and also contains the Grande Plateau (technically a separate casino) - but for all other purposes its the same casino. Its a medium size casino and basically the link between the old historic part of town and the newer casinos in Black Hawk.
Bullwhackers Casino - If you come up via highway 119, come to the last light and drive behind the Bullwhackers buiding for free valet parking. Bullwhackers has been here since the beginning and is a video poker heaven. There are also ample slots to keep you busy. The Bullpen Casino closed a few years ago and is waiting for someone to reopen it. Hawk.
Golden Gates Casino - Part of the Golden Gaming Group, Golden Gates Casino is located right across the street (or take the pedestrian bridge) from her sister casino Mardi Gras. This casino has the largest poker room in Black Hawk (maybe Colorado) - the only casino that comes close - and maybe ties Golden Gates in poker is Ameristar. casino listing
Wild Card Saloon & Casino - This is Ed and Shirley's first casino in Black Hawk (they also own Black Hawk Station) and with them comes good home-cooking, good service and lots of slots! While the Wild Card Saloon and Casino is no secret to the locals, and employees in town, it might be to you. There is also a little mini-mart in the back with various treats, bottled water, candy, cigarettes, energy sodas etc. Directly across from Fitzgeralds.
Bull Durham Casino - Located in the historic part of Black Hawk right next to the cities public gazebo. Its across from Fitzgeralds and right next to the Wild Card. Bull Durham Casino is small but charming with close to 200 slot machines. There is a large bar and the casino is well staffed. Very busy section of town with lots of people around making a lively scene.
Golden Gulch Casino - This is a very small casino across the street from the Lady Luck Casino and Hotel which is operated by the Isle of Capri. You'll find plenty of slots and also the historic Black Hawk city jail. (and yes, there are slots to play there so you can play in jail!)
Black Hawk Station Casino - A true Black Hawk original that many locals frequent. It is operated by the same folks at the Wild Card Saloon, so expect special attention and great customer service. Black Hawk Station used to be the place in town for live music, but unfortunately has removed the stage!
Red Dolly Casino - The Red Dolly Casino is at the edge of town right on the Central City / Black Hawk line. It's the smallest casino in terms of slot machines, but its a two story building with a restaurant on the top floor. (which features the $5.99 prime rib!) What it lacks in size it makes up for in character and atmosphere.
Sasquatch Casino - Sasquatch Casino is not only the newest casino in Black Hawk but another creation of Ed and Shirley Smith (owners of both Black Hawk Station and the Wild Card Saloon - both popular local stops). Apparently these folks are enjoying themselves and those who stop by are often drawn into the fun. See you there! (located in the old Bullpen / Bronco Billy's casino, next to Bullwhackers)

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